Campus Resources

Cannabis Greenhouse
The UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences has its own comprehensive website on cannabis and hemp research: 

UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp - Plants to Products Research


UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance

The University of California (UC) provides educational programs and science-based information for the ornamental industry in California. There are workshops and conferences that educate nursery and greenhouse operations on best practices for managing pest and diseases, fertilization, chemical application and irrigation for production industries in California that produce greenhouse crops. To find educational opportunities, check this page to see past and upcoming workshops and conferences. UCNFA also publishes a quarterly e-newsletter which features articles from UC state and county experts.

Pest and Disease Management

UC Integrated Pest Management maintains a website focusing on the identification and control information for insects, diseases, and weeds for agriculture and nursery production. On the UC IPM website, growers can find principles and practices for issues relevant to pest and disease management.

Irrigation Management

UC professionals have produced two books detailing the easiest way to implement management practices in small to medium-sized nurseries that protect against runoff and leaching of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals used in producing crops. “Best Management Practices; A Water Quality Field Guide for Nurseries” can be found online. A hard copy of “Greenhouse and Nursery Management Practices to Protect Water Quality” is available for purchase on the UC website.


The Weed Research Information Center at UC Davis provides weed identification and control information in addition to their annual Weed Day workshop and online resources.

Container Nursery Management

UC has developed “Container Nursery Production and Business Management Manual” that serves as a valuable resource for those involved in California’s nursery production industry that includes basic and research-based information on all aspects of the productions of landscape plants in commercial nurseries. The book is available for purchase on the UC website.


Dr. Daniel Sumner, Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis, has presented on the “Economics of Cannabis and Demand for Farm Labor” outlining the challenges of labor available competition for agricultural farm labor.




The Postharvest Center at UC Davis provides science-based information resulting in reduced losses and improved quality, safety, and marketability of fresh horticultural products. They have produced “Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops” which can be found here.

Food Safety

UC Davis Food Safety provides links to presentations, publications, and other websites with information related to the production, harvest, and processing of foods.