CHRC Corporate Affiliates Partnership Program (CAPP)

The UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Center (CHRC) CAPP provides a venue for the university to work with industry and public partners to support basic and application-driven research from discovery through development and production. It also provides an opportunity for university researchers to better understand and appreciate the needs of industry and to integrate this knowledge to enrich their teaching and research.

The CHRC CAPP differs from other university programs as most use, possession, distribution and cultivation of cannabis (marijuana) remains illegal under federal law. The risk associated with potential federal criminal and civil enforcement currently prohibits the university from accepting non-governmental research funding, whether through a grant or a gift, that comes from individuals or entities (e.g., companies, associations, non-profits, etc.) whose funding is known to be directly derived from cannabis activities that appear to fall outside of what is permitted under federal law. This includes, for example, funds generated from the sale of cannabis by growers legally licensed in the state of California.

The campus has organized its CHRC CAPP to include three tiers, each providing escalating benefits to the partner with varying support levels and requirements.


Tier One membership fee:         $25,000 (sustained with a $1,000 annual renewal)  

Tier One membership supports strong CAPP member affiliations with UC Davis primarily through shared information and general educational opportunities. Tier One provides crucial funds to build core infrastructure and programs within the CHRC and to support the delivery of program benefits. The membership is categorized as a gift for accounting and tax purposes.

Program Characteristics:

  • Designed to support a broad-based and active partnership that keeps the industry partner up-to-date and fully engaged with cannabis and hemp research, education and outreach activities.
  • Industry partners are granted facilitated access to information from CHRC, typically through periodic meetings on campus and/or at their sites, conferences and/or workshops and the distribution of publications and presentations.
  • Industry partners are not included in decisions about ongoing cannabis and hemp research, and partners do not participate in research directly.
  • Provides a key mechanism for an industry partner to assist the CHRC with the crucial funding it needs to expand infrastructure and programs in areas of strong mutual interest.

Potential Member Benefits:

  • Annual overview of CHRC-related activities and research interests.
  • Company-specific briefings on campus and via site visits by faculty, researchers and graduate students.
  • Receipt of periodic CHRC publications and presentations.
  • Access to sponsored conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Assistance in arranging for visiting scholars from industry partners to a CHRC-associated research program.
  • Access to faculty, students and research staff through CHRC events.
  • Assistance in identification of students for potential employment (full-time and internships) and participation in student recruitment/showcase sessions.
  • Membership benefits do not include the support for specific research programs, and intellectual property terms are likewise not included in Tier One member benefits.
  • Appointment of a CAPP member’s representative to the CHRC’s advisory committee (committee does not vote on any program-directing matters).

Funds Administration:

  • The membership fee, received in the form of gifts, will be assessed a 6% gift fee by UC Davis; processing is handled by the Development and Alumni Relations team.
  • Industry members in Tier One may take a tax deduction for this category of support.
  • Membership is sustained with an annual renewal of $1,000.


Tier Two membership fee:         $75,000 to $149,999 depending on nature of the selected project(s)

Tier Two partners request and provide input into specific research projects for which funding is provided. Tier Two projects include multiple sponsors in an identified area of research interest. Requires active Tier One membership.

Program Characteristics:

  • Provides industry partners with input into use of the funds provided.
  • Tier Two members are granted early access to research results that is supported by its funding.
  • Intellectual property (IP) that may be developed from the direct support of a Tier Two member’s support will be addressed in a special agreement between the supporting members and the UC Davis Office of Research. Developed IP can be shared via a non-exclusive license on Tier Two projects.

Potential Member Benefits:

  • All Tier One benefits. 
  • Define company-specific projects accepted by the CHRC’s co-directors, such as topic reviews, technology evaluations, special meetings related to company planning questions and joint development of papers.
  • Limited intellectual property rights in licensing technologies developed within the CAPP, including: shared right to co-exclusively license technologies developed under the aegis of the CAPP or in some cases non-exclusive royalty-free license options. All Tier Two consortia members receive the same intellectual property benefits. 
  • Leverage membership support by gaining access to research programs supported by the entire CAPP. 
  • Select topic briefings and opportunity to develop a topic briefing for industry partner’s specific interest. 
  • Briefings and consulting with discipline experts. 

Funds Administration:

  • Tier Two membership fee is assessed a 20% indirect cost rate, part of which is returned to the CHRC CAPP; agreements and funds processing is handled through the UC Davis Office of Research.
  • UC Davis has developed a system to provide a single invoice to companies that provide Tier One and Tier Two CAPP support for an overlapping period of time.


Tier Three membership fee:      $150,000+

Tier Three members become sponsors and collaborators in research of specific interest to their corporation. Industry sponsors who are also Tier One or Tier Two members are able to establish closer links to the research programs across the campus. Membership in the CAPP and sponsorship of Tier Three project-specific research provides corporate partners with opportunities for a broader collaboration with UC Davis researchers and access to facilities. Sponsors have same rights (e.g., licensing access to resulting intellectual property) and responsibilities (e.g., providing full direct and federally negotiated indirect costs) applicable to typical research agreements sponsored by corporate entities.

Program Characteristics:

  • Industry-confidential information will not be shared with other CAPP members to the extent allowable by California law. 
  • Technology jointly developed by UC Davis and Tier Three partner will be jointly owned. 
  • Joint publication of research results is encouraged.

Potential Member Benefits:

  • In addition to Tier One and Tier Two benefits, Tier Three members sponsor specific projects within the CHRC. Corporate partners receive facilitated guidance in establishing a sponsored research project. These projects follow university-governed sponsored project guidelines.
  • Tier Three member may receive a range of intellectual property rights and will typically have a first option to an exclusive or non-exclusive license to new technology. 
  • Access to university facilities and instrumentation on a recharge basis. 

Funds Administration:

  • Agreement and funds processing are handled through the UC Davis Office of Research.
  • Federally negotiated indirect cost applicable to “organized research” applies, which is currently 57%.

If your organization is interested in participating in this program please contact UC Davis Foundation and Corporate Engagement at