CHRC Industry Partnership Statement

A statement to potential cannabis (marijuana) and hemp research collaborators/supporters

As a leader in agriculture, plant science and veterinary medicine, with a top-ranked medical center and law school, the University of California at Davis (UC Davis) has an extensive research infrastructure in place that is providing cutting-edge insight related to cannabis and hemp production, environmental and health impacts, testing, applications for use and public policy.

The UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Center (CHRC) serves as the university’s hub, bringing together scientists, engineers, scholars and clinicians involved in research related to cannabis and hemp at UC Davis.

If you are interested in collaborating with or supporting cannabis or hemp research at UC Davis there are several mechanisms, including:

  • Participate in the UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Corporate Affiliates Partnership Program (CAPP) as a paid member. Details on the CAPP and the associated tiers of membership can be found here.
  • Provide a “restricted” or “unrestricted” gift to the university.
    • An unrestricted gift provides support to the CHRC or a specific researcher and funds are directed to areas of greatest need at their discretion.
    • A restricted gift provides  support for a particular type of research but generally not a specific project.
    • Gifts carry no obligations for deliverables or rights to results.
    • In-kind gifts of equipment or materials may also be valuable.
    • For more details, contact UC Davis Foundation and Corporate Engagement at
  • Endow a faculty chair in cannabis and/or hemp research.
    • An endowed chair is a faculty position permanently paid for with the revenue from an endowment fund. The donor may be allowed to name the position.
    • Again, contact for more information.
  • Sponsor research.
    • A research contract defines a scope of work and may provide the sponsor access to resulting inventions and research results within the project scope and term. Each industry-sponsored project is led by a university Principal Investigator (PI) who guides the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring organization.
    • Contact to connect with a PI.
  • Collaborate with faculty and students.
    • Work with faculty and student groups to identify scientific questions that can result in opportunities for sponsored research programs.
    • UC Davis’ Internship and Career Center can help identify students for internships or job opportunities with your company. More information is available at:

As most use, possession, distribution and cultivation of cannabis (marijuana) remains illegal under federal law, the risk associated with potential federal criminal and civil enforcement currently prohibits the university from accepting non-governmental research funding, whether through a grant or a gift, that comes from individuals or entities (e.g., companies, associations) whose funding is known to be directly derived from cannabis activities that appear to fall outside of what is permitted under federal law (for example, from the sale of cannabis by growers legally licensed in the state of California).

If you are interested in collaborating with or supporting cannabis and hemp researchers at UC Davis, please contact Thank you.

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