Company of UC Davis affiliate wins award

Haplotech, Inc. logo

Haplotech Inc., a Canadian company founded by Dr. Rale Gjuric, current Director of Education in the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center and primary manager and instructor in the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy program, has won NRGene’s Cannabis QuickGENETICS™ ContestHaplotech was selected after presenting an innovative project that will adopt advanced genomic tools in their breeding program. The company will receive a comprehensive cannabis genomic starter package, worth the equivalent of $130,000, to generate unique genetic markers to identify desirable traits, such as flowering time, yield components or pathogen field resistance.

In addition to being its founder, Dr. Gjuric serves as Haplotech's President. This company serves the global plant breeding industry by providing comprehensive technical services in multiple crops, as well as consultation in the areas of organization and optimization of plant breeding programs. With two facilities in Winnipeg, Canada, and field capacity in Western Canada, USA and Chile, it is capable of accelerated breeding, including DH production, trait integration, field evaluation and providing end-to-end solutions for plant breeding.

NRGene, which offered the contest, offers a full portfolio of genomic solutions to accelerate the development of new breeding varieties using genomic data. Services such as QuickGENETICS™ allow growers and breeders to develop new cannabis varieties efficiently and precisely with desirable characteristics while significantly reducing costs and timelines.

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