Yu-Fung Lin

Associate Professor Yu-Fung Lin

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Dept. of Physiology and Membrane Biology & Dept of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Regulation of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel function by cannabinoids.

My laboratory has a special interest in investigating how cannabinoids, including synthetic cannabinoids, plant-extracted cannabinoids, and endocannabinoids, regulate ion channel function.  The goal of this line of our research is to provide a mechanistic understanding for the physiological effects and potential medicinal benefits exerted by cannabinoids.  The current project focuses on potassium channel biophysics and how the channels are modulated by synthetic cannabinoid analogs in in vitro cell models.

I am also the Instructor of Record (IOR) of two cannabis/cannabinoid-related courses: HPH 115 (Physiology of Cannabis) for upper division undergraduate students, and HPH 440 (Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Physiology and Medicine) for 4th yr medical students.