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UC Davis Professor Once Again in Annual Cannabis Scientist Power List

For the second year in a row, UC Davis Professor of Chemistry Don Land has been recognized as a top influencer in cannabis analysis on the Power List published by The Cannabis Scientist, a cannabis industry publication.  

The Power List is a celebration of cannabis scientists in the areas of cultivation, processing, testing and medicine, and this year is comprised of the five top scientists in five areas:

  • Analytical Heroes: keeping consumers safe with better cannabis testing and analysis
  • Processing Pros: helping the industry evolve through improved processing, extraction, and formulation
  • Plant Science Pioneers: deepening our understanding of the cannabis plant and developing better cultivation methods
  • R&D Trailblazers: exploring the medical potential of cannabis and cannabinoids
  • Inspirational Mentors: supporting cannabis scientists at all levels to reach their

The Cannabis Scientist held open nominations, which were then reviewed by a panel of independent judges who considered each candidate’s contribution and wider impact on society, business, and innovation. Rich Whitworth, content director for the publication, says, “This year we wanted to celebrate the full spectrum of cannabis science, from testing to plant science. Historically, these areas have been siloed, but we believe there is tremendous value in bringing together knowledge on all aspects of this fascinating plant.” He adds, "Not everyone will agree with the judges’ final selections, but I hope we can all
support the central aim of the initiative: to shine a spotlight on good science – and good scientists – in this growing field.”

While no other UC Davis faculty made the list, Daniele Piomelli, UC Irvine Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, and Director of the UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis, was recognized as an R&D Trailblazer. Also, Raphael Mechoulam, Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Lab and President of the Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who gave a forum presentation to the UC Davis Cannabis and Research Center in December ( was recognized as a Research Giant in R&D Trailblazing.