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UC Davis submits 19 proposals to the BCC RFP

Despite a tight turnaround time of only 32 days from initial announcement to submission deadline, and restrictions in the California Bureau of Cannabis Control RFP that disallowed several areas of UC Davis research strength, such as hemp cultivation, UC Davis researchers submitted a whopping 19 proposals in response to the call.

The Bureau announced on September 17, 2020 that it had $30 million to be disbursed to California public universities for research projects related to the implementation and effect of Proposition 64. Research proposals, due October 19, 2020, had to fall within one of the several specified categories, including public health, criminal justice and public safety, economic, environmental impacts, and the cannabis industry. A detailed description of the list of research subjects for grant funding is found in Revenue and Taxation Code section 34019. Applicants may be awarded up to $2 million for any specific proposal.

The Cannabis and Hemp Research Center congratulates UC Davis researchers for their energetic response to the call.