Marc Schenker

Marc Schenker

Position Title
Distinguished Professor

  • Health Sciences and Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Founding Director, Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety

Pilot Survey of Cannabis Worker Occupational Health and Safety

(Previous title (2017-2018): Emerging Issues Grant for Worker Health and Safety in Cannabis Growing and Processing)

There is minimal research on the occupational health and safety risks specific to cannabis cultivation. Limited research suggests that Cannabis sativa exposure through inhalation and/or ingestion can result in an allergic reaction including: respiratory symptoms, sensitization, and anaphylaxis. Further, skin contact with C. sativa has been linked to allergic reactions including hives and itchy skin. There is a lack of useful studies on the health risks of working in the cannabis industry. In addition, existing studies likely have a lower level of exposure than workers who directly handle the plant. As the legal cannabis industry unfolds, concrete data on risk, susceptibility factors, and short- or long-term health outcomes are critical to advise regulators and ensure workers’ safety.


  • Chapter titled “Health and Safety of Cannabis Workers” submitted for inclusion in “The Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Cannabis Research”
  • Review article titled “Occupational Health of Cannabis Workers” invited for submission in the Annals of Work, Exposures and Health Special Issue on Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health

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